Our Plan

Change the rules – level the playing field – win the game!

Our political system is broken.  Congress has an approval rating that ranges from 9% to 14% (depending on the survey), yet 96.4% of incumbents seeking re-election win.  And the system seems to be impervious to reform.  The politicians who are in office (even those in the minority party at any given time) have little interest in changing the system – they are winning within the system as it exists.  A hopeless situation?  Not really.

The Achilles Heel of this dysfunctional system can be found in the twenty-four states that give citizens the power to propose and pass legislation, including amendments to state constitutions, through the initiative.  We intend to utilize the initiative process to change the rules that govern our elections to level the playing field and make it easier for candidates who will represent people instead of corporate interests to win the game.

The initiative process is a powerful form of direct democracy.  If the required number of signatures are obtained, the proposals go on the ballot.  If the voters approve, the proposals become law and state constitutions are amended.  These petitions are legal documents that must be signed in person.  The person circulating the petitions must witness you signing and must have the petition notarized before it is submitted to the Secretary of State.

A new approach to the initiative process.

We are using social media, phone-banking, canvassing and this web site to gather contact information for concerned citizens who willing to sign petitions and then using that information to keep them informed of opportunities to sign petitions.  If you are willing to sign petitions, want to help gather signatures, volunteer to help in some other way, or simply want to stay informed regarding our progress, please click on the “Join the Campaign” (sidebar) and provide us with your contact information.

Once we have your contact information, we will keep you informed of signing opportunities in your area (town hall meetings, house parties, signing parties, benefit concerts) and provide an updated list of locations where you can sign the petitions.

Existing political advocacy groups are joining our coalition.

If you are a member of a political advocacy group, encourage your group to endorse one or more of our petitions and work with other groups who have endorsed the same petitions (and our individual volunteers) to gather the signatures needed to get our proposals on the ballot.

The plan in Missouri 

The following chart shows the number of valid signatures we need to obtain to get our proposals on the ballot in Missouri.  We must obtain the required number in at least six of Missouri’s eight congressional districts:

Change is in the air.

We can reform our election process and elect a government of, by, and for the people.  

You are cordially invited to join our campaign.