Our Action Plan


The status quo is well defended by the people in power within the present system.  The politicians who are in office (even those in the minority party at any given time) have little interest in changing the system – they are winning within the system as it exists.   The initiative gives citizens in 24 states a way to pass needed reforms without the involvement or approval of state legislatures or governors.

While we are generally supportive of ballot proposals, we are most actively engaged in supporting efforts involving reforms that will make our elections and our government more genuinely democratic: especially proportional representation, but also ranked-choice voting, a public financing option for candidates (and voters), direct election of the president and vice-president, and a constitutional amendment that makes it clear that corporations are not people.

There is some support for these reforms within the Democratic Party.  We can also work to implement these reforms in the 24 states with some form of the initiative.

We also need to help concerned citizens understand the flaws within our system that undermine genuine democracy and build support for reforms (like proportional representation and ranked-choice voting) that will address those flaws and improve our political system.

The status quo is well defended, but the Achilles Heel of the present system is the powerful form of direct democracy know as –

The initiative process.

Government BY the people requires genuine democracy and there is no more powerful form of democracy than the form of direct democracy made possible by the initiative.  Citizens in twenty-four states – Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming –  have the right to propose and pass laws (and amendments to the state constitution in some states) without the approval or involvement of the state legislature or governor.

While there is a tremendous backlog of desperately needed legislation, we encourage concerned citizens in these states to join forces to fully utilize this powerful form of direct democracy to enact an electoral reform that will make our elections more genuinely democratic: with proportional representation (and/or ranked-choice voting with multiple-representative districts) in place, citizens will then be able to elect genuinely representative legislatures that will pass other desperately needed legislation.

The details of how proportional representation and ranked-choice voting work and the benefits these reforms bring can be found on this web site and at many other sites on the internet.  These reforms enjoy support from minor parties (The Green Party, Libertarian Party, etc.), independent voters, and a fair percentage of Democratic and Republican voters – in fact from everyone who favors genuine democracy.  According to various polls, 80 to 92% of voters would like more than two parties from which to choose. Proportional representation and ranked-choice voting (also known as “instant run-off voting”) are the best and most obvious ways to achieve that worthwhile goal.

With most of the elected representatives of both major parties defending the status quo in a system where a majority of voters feel that our elected representatives are not doing a good job of representing the will of the people, voters need to communicate effectively across party lines and the political spectrum, compromise, and reach consensus. We, the people, must work together if we want a government of our own.

Change is in the air..

We can reform our election process and elect a government of, by, and for the people.

You are cordially invited to join our campaign.