Our Action Plan

We are recruiting volunteers and organizations who want to work together across party lines to enact ranked choice voting and make our political system more genuinely democratic.

We will work directly with concerned citizens or as the hub of a coalition of  other organizations to organize campaigns to get proposals on the ballot and passed in state with the initiative.

The number of signatures required and other details of the initiative process vary from state to state.  As a reference, here is an example from Missouri.  (Our proposal for ranked choice voting in the General Assembly in Missouri is a Constitutional amendment):

A broad-based, non-partisan, grassroots movement:

We encourage candidates for public office who support these proposals to gather signatures at campaign events.  While neither major political party is likely to endorse and support a reform that would break the duopoly, there is support for ranked choice voting within both major parties.  Two Democrats (Congressman Don Beyer and Congressman Jamie Raskin) have introduced bills for ranked choice voting in the U. S. House of Representatives and Republican Representative Dan Stacy has introduced a bill for ranked choice voting in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Any and all candidates who believe in genuine democracy should be supportive of this effort.  We encourage them to demonstrate their support by having volunteers available to gather signatures at their campaign events.

We are making college campuses a focal point.  Organized groups at colleges and universities can reserve tables and schedule members to staff the tables to gather signatures on our petitions over an extended period of time.  Coverage in the campus newspaper and on college radio and TV can help promote ranked choice voting and raise awareness of our campaign.  Over the course of this school year, we will work to build support on every campus in every state where we are active. We can provide every student, faculty member, or local voter inclined to sign our petitions with continuous opportunities to do so.

We will involve labor unions, churches, and advocacy groups.  We will make copies of our petitions available for signing at as many labor union and advocacy group offices as possible.  We will make spokespersons available for each group’s meetings to provide an overview of ranked choice voting.

We will host town hall meetings and signing parties. We will host events (concerts, movie screenings, house parties, etc.) and include a brief presentation regarding ranked choice voting, followed by an opportunity for attendees to ask questions or make comments.

We will utilize this web siteThrough social media, phone banking, canvassing, and with written materials, we can drive traffic to this web site, where interested individuals can learn more about ranked choice voting, read the full text of each ballot initiative, download and print copies of the petitions to circulate, or make a financial contribution.

We will utilize on-line videos to explain ranked choice voting, as well as to drive traffic to the web site.

We will print a pamphlet giving an overview of ranked choice voting.  (There are some voters who are not active on the internet.)

Change is in the air...

We hope you will join us as we work to reform our state governments by implementing ranked choice voting.