How You Can Help

Let’s make history – a call to action!  

Effective political activity is a team sport.  Government by the People is in the process of building a team of volunteers designed to get help candidates who will represent people, instead of corporate interests, get elected. We are also working to get proportional representation on the ballot and passed into law in Missouri this year. Join our team and be part of this important change.

There are a variety of ways that you can help, but involvement falls into two categories: time and money.

Make a monetary contribution.  

Since we are working to diminish, if not eliminate, the dominant role that money plays in our electoral system, there is a bit of irony involved in our need to raise money for our campaigns, however, there are expenses involved in our efforts to establish a government of, by, and for the people.

Our need for volunteers far exceeds our need to raise money. We need a whole lot of volunteers and a little bit of money. Our need to raise money has increased recently, as a result of our success. Your contribution, in any amount, is greatly appreciated.

You can make a secure contribution on-lone through Act Blue by clicking on “Contribute Today” in the sidebar. For information regarding how to make a contribution by check or money order, go to the “Make a contribution” page in the tab under this page.

Help wanted!  

We value the TIME you are willing to contribute to get involved in our campaign. We will always use the time you contribute wisely.

There are a number of ways you can help:

Our phone bankers make phone calls to registered voters letting them know about The Populist Platform and our petition, as well as upcoming events scheduled near them and other locations where they can sign our petition or join our campaign.

Our canvassers knock on doors to share information about The Populist Platform and our proposal and gather signatures on our petition.

We have affectionately dubbed our petitioners “autograph hounds.”  There are numerous ways to go about gathering the signatures we need to get our proposal on the ballot in Missouri.  An easy way to get started is to help gather signatures at events (our own and others).  In most cases, you will work at a table alongside other volunteers.  You can also circulate petitions at your school, church, or within groups to which you belong, and among friends and family.

Researchers are needed to help gather various types of information that will help us run an efficient and effective campaign.

Help spread the word about our campaign online:  

Using whatever forms of social media you typically employ (tweets, Facebook posts, etc.) to drive traffic to this web site is very helpful. We need to raise awareness of The People’s Platform. The more people who contact their elected representatives, as well as candidates for office, to let them know about The People’s Platform, the more likely we are to elect representatives who will follow through to pass the legislation called for into law.

Although our petitions cannot be signed online, there is a lot that can be done online to raise awareness of our campaign.  Many people are unaware of how much can be accomplished using the initiative process in the twenty-four states that give citizens this powerful form of direct democracy.   

We are also still filling some staff positions:

We are recruiting field organizers in each county in Missouri to facilitate the distribution of blank petitions and the collection of completed petition pages and volunteer coordinators in each congressional district to work with the field organizers.

If you have (or want to develop) your skills as a public speaker, you are welcome to join our cadre of speakers.  Our speakers are trained to provide a brief overview of The People’s Platform and proportional representation, answer questions, and respond to comments on behalf of our organization at our own events and at events planned by other groups that are willing to let us gather signatures.

Our event planners plan, organize, and promote our own events (house parties, signing parties, benefit concerts, movie screenings, etc.) designed to educate voters (and give them an opportunity to sign petitions in Missouri), as well as to recruit additional volunteers, and to raise the funds needed to support our campaign.

Our event coordinators help schedule opportunities for one of our speakers to do a short presentation and/or for some of our volunteers to table and/or distribute literature at events being held by other organizations, especially those that, by the nature of the event, are likely to draw a politically-minded audience.

“Alone we can do so little.  Together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller)

If you have had enough of politics-as-usual and want to help us change the rules of the game to level the playing field to give grassroots candidates a fair chance to win the game, please Join the Campaign and be a part of our Team!  Fill out the form, or send an email to to let us know that you would like to join our campaign.

In advance of our own events, we have had, and will have, volunteers at many politically-themed events in Missouri.  We want every registered Missouri voter attending these events to have an opportunity to sign our petitions.  We are taking advantage of these opportunity to test some methods for gathering signatures on multiple petitions simultaneously and fine-tuning our approach.

We are very happy to be able to report that volunteers from other organizations and individual citizens are taking advantage of the PDFs of our petition and of various supporting and informational materials that can be printed from this web site.  You do not need our approval to do this.

Our petitions are available for anyone who wants to gather signatures.  It is helpful for us to be able to communicate effectively with everyone who has joined the campaign.  Prior to May 7, 2018 we will need to gather up all the petitions to number the pages and turn them in.  Please send an email to to let us know you have gotten involved.

We need our army of volunteers to be signed up, properly trained and equipped, and in place at every one of the locations where political events are being held.  If you want to help, and have not already done so, please click on “Join the Campaign” and sign up to get involved.