Print Petitions

Please read all instructions carefully before printing.   Please read “Instructions for Circulators” carefully before gathering signatures.

If you print petitions and are gathering signatures, it is very helpful to be in contact with us.  Please send an email to to let us know you have joined our campaign, so we can keep in touch.

You can print valid copies of our proposal for proportional representation in Missouri from the link on this page.  Copies of these petitions must be circulated in exactly the same form and format as the copy of the petition that was submitted to the Missouri Secretary of State.

Copies must be printed on US Legal size paper (8 1/2″ X 14″);
The first page of the full text of the petition must be printed on the back side of the signature page;
The second page of the full text must face up and be stapled to the signature page, with three staples down the left-hand side (one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom).

Here is a link to PDFs of our petition!

Proportional Representation in Missouri General Assembly