Instructions for petitioners

Use this link to see and print instructions for circulating initiative petitions in Missouri.

This video will take you through the process of preparing to gather signatures and to gather signatures in Missouri.  The text (below) covers the same points.


Petition circulators must be at least eighteen years of age.  You may not circulate petitions if you have been convicted of, found guilty of, or pled guilty to an offense involving forgery.  You do not have to be a resident of the state of Missouri to circulate petitions, but you must have the signature pages you turn in notarized in the state of Missouri.  (Further instructions on this below.)

Please make sure we have your contact information, to facilitate good communication.  If you have not already done so, please click “Join the Campaign.”  Fill in your name and whatever contact information you wish to provide.  Also send an email to with the message “I am circulating petitions.”

Before you begin gathering signatures, fill in the name of the county for each page in all four of the spaces provided.   (Upper right corner; two spaces in the paragraph that begins “We, the undersigned registered voters of the state of Missouri….” and in the paragraph just below the signature block.)

In the space provided just above the signature block (the Circulator’s Affidavit) – Fill in your name, but not the county in which the page will be notarized.  (Wait to make sure that is where you will have it notarized.)  The signature pages must be notarized before you turn them in.  They can be notarized anywhere in the state, but must be notarized in Missouri.

Do not fill in the page number.  Pages must be collated by country before they are numbered to avoid duplication of page numbers.  Our field organizers will add page numbers prior to submitting all of them to the secretary of state’s office.  Do not sign your own petition (sign a page being circulated by someone else).  Do not sign your name as the affiant (person obtaining signatures) until you are having the pages notarized. 


Only registered Missouri voters can sign these initiative petitions.  When asking someone to sign the petition, begin by asking if they are a registered voter in the state of Missouri.  (If they are not, encourage them to register, but do not allow them to sign.)  Then ask them for the name of the county where they are registered to vote.  Make sure they sign a page for that county.  Encourage signers to write small, but legibly.  (And to stay within the lines.)  If someone makes an error, the signee should put a single line through the entry and put their initials next to the strikethrough, then sign again below.

Each petition page may only contain signatures of voters from a single county and a single congressional district.  If you are obtaining signatures from voters from more than one county, you must have a separate signature page for each county.  Signatures of voters from counties other than the one designated by the circulator in the upper right-hand corner of the petition page will not be counted.  If you are circulating multiple petitions, we recommend keeping a single copy of each on a clipboard for each county.

In counties that are divided between two congressional districts, the signature pages for those counties must also be divided by congressional district.  The following counties are divided between two or three congressional districts:  Audrain (4/6), Camden (3/4), Clay (5/6), Jackson (5/6), Jefferson (2/3/8), St. Charles (2/3), St. Louis County (1/2) and Webster (4/7).

As a guide to help signers identify their Congressional district: current members of the U. S. House are: 1 – Clay; 2 – Wagner; 3 – Luetkemeyer; 4 – Hartzler; 5 – Cleaver; 6 – Graves; 7 – Long; 8 – Smith.


We are in the process of recruiting Field Organizers throughout the state of Missouri.  We will keep you informed regarding who has been recruited from your area.  If you have petitions ready to turn in and do not know who your field organizer is, or how to contact them, send an email to and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to turn in signed petitions.  You can also submit them by mail to: Government By The People, P.O. Box 757, Eldon, MO 65026


We have several types of resources that should help you better understand, and thus explain, our petition initiatives.  These are all found on our Resources Tab.

Thank you for joining the campaign.