The initiative process

Power to the People

The initiative is a powerful form of direct democracy put in place in some states during the “Progressive Period” of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Through the initiative process citizens can propose and pass legislation, including constitutional amendments, without the involvement or approval of the state legislature or governor.

The details of the process vary tremendously from state to state. Government by the People has worked on petition drives in Missouri. We are in the process of gathering information about the details of the process in other states and that information will be posted here as soon as possible.

In addition to working to get candidates elected who support the legislation called for in The People’s Platform, this web site is being developed with the goal of serving as an organizing hub for helping citizens become familiar with the initiative process, connect with other interested citizens, and promote the proposal most suitable in each state for using this method of promoting needed legislation.

We are compiling a data base of contact information for concerned citizens who interested in working on initiative petition drives, or who are willing to sign petitions. We will use that information to interested citizens informed of opportunities to work on, or sign, petitions. If you are interested in getting involved, please click on the “Join the Campaign” (sidebar) and provide us with your contact information.

Once we have your contact information, we will keep you informed of signing opportunities in your area (town hall meetings, house parties, signing parties, benefit concerts) and provide an updated list of locations where you can sign the petitions.

We are organizing campaigns on college campuses, led by organizations on each campus. We are working with labor unions, advocacy groups, and business owners to make our petitions available for signing during normal business hours.

The following chart shows the number of valid signatures needed to get proposals on the ballot in Missouri.  The required number of signatures must be obtained in at least six of Missouri’s eight congressional districts. (Information for other states will be added as it is gathered):