The People’s Platform

This platform represents the will of the people and provides pragmatic solutions to the problems we face as a nation. Polls indicate support for this legislation among Democratic, independent, and Republican voters.

The pages included under this tab provide a wealth of information related to each issue, including:

• The bill numbers for legislation that has been introduced in Congress, with a link to pages at that includes detailed information about each bill.
• Polling data broken down among those three groups of voters is included in the links for each issue, where it is available.
• Quotes from the Democratic and Republican platforms related to each issue.
• A rationale for supporting the legislation called for in the platform.

An Economic Bill of Rights

Affordable Health Care For All.

True full employment.

A Green New Deal.

High-quality public schools for all students from pre-school through high school and beyond.

The “Workplace Democracy Act” to protect the right of every worker to join a union.

A Fair and Simple Tax Code.

Genuine Democracy

A public financing option for candidates.
Ranked-choice voting and multiple-representative districts to end gerrymandering and give voters more candidates and parties from which to choose.
A constitutional amendment to replace the Electoral College with direct election of the president and vice-president, using ranked-choice voting.
A “Corporations are not People Amendment”

Although this legislation is supported by voters across party lines, that same level of non-partisanship is not present in Congress, where support for this legislation is starkly divided along party lines, with most (but not all) Democrats in favor and all (or very nearly all) Republicans opposed. The same partisan breakdown can be seen in state legislatures.

The support that will be needed to get this legislation enacted will have to come from a grassroots movement that crosses party lines. We need to communicate effectively and work together to elect a Congress and state legislatures that are willing to stand up to corporate interests and pass legislation that is focused on pragmatic solutions to the problems we face as a nation. That willingness to focus on issues and work across party lines will eventually work its way up into state legislatures and the halls of Congress.