Winston Apple makes the St. Joe TV news at Democratic meeting.

Winston Apple made the local TV news at a United Democrats Club of Northwest, Missouri, held in St. Joseph. The event was covered by a local TV station.  Below is the text. Click this link to see the TV video report.

“Government by the People” founder Winston Apple has had five initiative petitions approved for the 2018 Missouri ballot, and is working on several more.

Apple spoke to a crowd full of area Democrats at Bandana’s Barbecue on Wednesday in hopes that they can help him get the progressive polices on the ballot by collecting signatures.

Apple’s initiatives include the “Green New Deal” jobs program that would update infrastructure to renewable energy. He is also hoping the state will add a public option health insurance, as well as changing state-wide office voting to a ranked-choice vote. For more information or to see the full list of proposed initiatives, you can visit

Apple presented his initiatives to the United Democrats Club of Northwest Missouri. The meeting concluded with instruction on how to collect signatures to push these initiatives onto the ballot and a concert by Winston himself.

United Democrats Club NWMO Treasurer Nancy Nash said although the initiatives are coming from a Democrat, they are not necessarily associated with a specific party.

“Sometimes the Republicans would be very much for these initiatives. And what we’re trying to do is pull all these people together,” Nash said.

Nash said they need five to eight percent of signatures to get these initiatives on the ballot.

“That’s what we’re fighting for right now,” Nash said.

Members of the United Democrats Club will be trying to collect signatures from people in and around St. Joseph in effort to get these initiatives on the 2018 ballot.

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