If government OF the people is to be government FOR the people, we must have… GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE.

This web site is dedicated to providing information to voters that will facilitate making informed choices on election days, leading to the election of a Congress and state legislatures that truly represent the will of the people.

The “People’s Platform” is the centerpiece of this web site. The tabs under “The People’s Platform” include pragmatic proposals for addressing the major problems we face as a nation; links to legislation that has been introduced in one or both houses of Congress that we endorse; quotations from the Democratic and Republican platforms related to each issue; and polling information for each issue, broken down across party lines and including independent voters.

Government by the People is cross-partisan. You will, however, find a strong correlation between the legislation called for in the The People’s Platform and the Democratic Party platform (as well as the Green Party platform). Between the two major parties, we believe the Democratic platform is much more strongly representative of the will of the people. It is important to note, however, that polls indicate that the legislation included in The People’s Platform is supported by majorities of Republican voters and independents, as well as Democratic voters.

The primary problem with the Democratic Party is that, due largely to the corrupting influence of campaign contributions from corporate interests, Democrats in Congress and state legislatures are far from united in support of the legislation called for in the Democratic Party platform. On the other hand, support for the legislation in The People’s Platform is virtually non-existent within the Republican Party, due largely to the even greater influence of corporate interests within the GOP.

Our goal is to build support for this legislation within both major parties, across party lines, and with considerable from independent voters and members of the Green Party, Libertarian Party, and other minor parties.

An overwhelming majority of voters would like more than two viable parties from which to choose. Legislation that would provide for proportional representation and ranked-choice voting are the best way to accomplish that goal. A lot of voters are not familiar with those methods of conducting elections. Descriptions and explanations can be found on this web site, along with links to some of the many videos and written materials available on-line regarding proportional representation and ranked-choice voting.

We hope to convince legislators within both major parties, who have been corrupted by campaign contributions from corporate interests, to begin refusing such support and to do a better job of promoting the general welfare. We hope the efforts of the populist element within both major parties to regain control of the parties are successful. We believe that minimizing or eliminating corporate influence within both major parties is critical.

Information is also provided on this web site about using the initiative process to pass needed legislation and electoral reforms in the 24 states that give citizens the power to propose and pass legislation, including constitutional amendments, without the involvement or approval of a state’s legislature or governor. Promoting ballot proposals has been our primary focus in non-election years. In 2019 our efforts will be divided between initiative proposals and working to get Congress and state legislatures to pass the legislation called for in The People’s Platform. More information about the using the initiative, including sample legislation, will be added soon.

The status quo is well defended by the people in power within the present system.  Our People’s Platform and the initiative process are the best means at our disposal to work within the system to change the system.  

We believe that bad government is the problem and good government is the solution.

Change the rules – level the playing field – win the game!

Our political system is broken.  Congress has an approval rating that ranges from 9% to 14% (depending on the survey), yet 96.4% of incumbents seeking re-election win.  And the system seems to be impervious to reform.  The politicians who are in office (even those in the minority party at any given time) have little interest in changing the system – they are winning within the system as it exists.  A hopeless situation?  Not really.

The key to making our political system more genuinely democratic is a well-informed and active citizenry. Following the adage “start with the end in mind,” our “People’s Platform” consists of legislation that represents victory for our grassroots campaign to take control of our government. We encourage you to let candidates for Congress and state legislatures know that you expect them to support this legislation in exchange for your support.

If you have had enough of politics-as-usual, click on “Join the Campaign” to become an active part of our grassroots movement.

To provide your contact information, click on “Join the Campaign” (in the sidebar).  We will then keep you informed of updates to our web site, as well as news and events that may be of interest to you.